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Welcome to our Netherland Dwarf Color Guide. We have seen many Dwarf color guides but none of them have a kit color guide. This color guide will have the colors as adults, juniors, and as kits. If you have pictures that show the color well or colors that are missing you can e-mail us.
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Group 1 contains Torts, Sable Points, Siames Sables, Siamese Smoke Pearl...
Group 1 contains Blacks, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, REW, & BEW.
Group 3 contains Chestnuts, opals, Lynx, Squirrle, Chinchillas
Group 4 contains Otters, Martens, and Tans
Group 4 contains Any Other recognized Variety
Unrecognized Colors in Dwarfs, Such as Blue Tort and Harlequins
The Kit Color Guide shows a kit through its color stages. This helps to figure out what color you have.
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